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Seeing Lady Gaga tonight! Got my glitter and rainbow tutu all ready. :D

There is nothing more relaxing than feeling the soft grass between your bare feet, staring at that beautiful moon, and feeling the warm summer air on your skin.

After months of searching and applying for a second job, I finally got a callback! I go in for an interview on Monday. It would be nice to have an extra paycheck so I can, you know, actually save up money instead of just being able to barely cover my ass each month.

31 Days of Witchcraft

Done in one sitting because I know I’ll forget about doing this daily.

1. How did you discover your path?
I started reading about paganism and witchcraft when I was younger and it really spoke to me. I began reading whatever I could get my hands on and forging my path from there.

2. How long have you been practicing witchcraft?
Started studying when I was 14 and practicing ever since then.

3. What kind of witch are you?

4. What specific path/tradition do you follow?
I don’t follow a specific tradition.

5. Do you have any ethnics or moral codes that you follow?
Live and let live.

6. Are you a Solitary witch or have you worked with others in a Coven?
I am strictly solitary.

7. Do you practice divination? If so, what techniques?
Yes. I use Tarot cards and pendulums at the moment.

8. Would/Do you read for others? Why or why not?
I have in the past. I would for people I know.

9. Do you believe in anything supernatural/paranormal?
Absolutely. It kind of comes with the territory.

What are your beliefs on an Afterlife?
I believe that once we die our energy is released back into the Universe in some shape or form.

11. Does your family and/or friends know you practice witchcraft?

12. Do/Will you teach and practice witchcraft to your children?
I don’t plan on having children but if I did, I would teach them about it but I would also teach them to think for themselves and forge their own ideas and beliefs.

13. Matron Goddess [If you have one. If not, list goddesses that you favor]

14. Patron God [If you have one. If not, list gods that you favor]

15. Favorite pantheon [Group of gods]
Greek, Norse, Egyptian

16. What are your Sun/Moon/Rising signs?
Sun sign: Taurus
Moon sign: Libra
Rising sign: Scorpio

17. What’s your Element?
I am an earth sign but I also have a strong connection to water.

18. Favorite season?

19. Favorite tree?

Favorite flower?
Tiger lily.

21. Favorite gem?

22. Favorite color?
Purple, silver, black and red.

23. Favorite animal?
Snakes, cats, dogs and seahorses.

24. What’s your familiar?
I currently do not have a familiar.

25. Favorite book on Witchcraft?
Witchcraft Theory & Practice by Ly de Angeles.

26. Favorite website on Witchcraft?

27. Famous witch that you favor?

28. Favorite divination tool?
Tarot cards.

29. Favorite altar tool?

30. Do you have an altar?
Yes I have one residing in my room.

31. What phase is the Moon currently in?